Coating Technology inc in automated pre-treatment systems, powder application processes and equipment provide key performance advantages. Our state of the art equipment utilises multi-stage chemical pre-treatment systems customised to multiple aluminium and steel production lines.

Our sophisticated pre-treatment processes ensure the substrate will achieve the highest level of cleaning and anti-corrosion preparation, whilst also ensuring critical adhesion is achieved so the performance of the coating withstands the tests of time.

Coating Technology inc has multiple customised paint lines, each tailored to aluminium and steel substrates, enabling us to control every stage of the production process to ensure high quality is consistently achieved and provides the flexibility to turn around your job quicker, on time and at best value.

Given our experience, team and equipment, our customers have peace of mind knowing their job will be coated at the highest quality that is second to none in the industry.

Coating Technology inc offers this great alternative to timber windows, doors and screens, providing a beautiful and classy timber look without need for high maintenance or poor durability problems associated with real timber.

Timber grain finishes are suitable for most types of aluminium windows, doors, shutters, privacy screens, sun louvres, fencing slats, outdoor furniture and plantation shutters.

The process starts with a unique high grade powder coating base applied at Coating Technology inc licensed facility. It is then impressed using high quality unique inks that penetrates the full depth of the powder coating through a Sublimation process, providing a fully integrated and super durable finish for an elegant and fashionable timber look, adding significant class and value to your property.

An Anti-Corrosion System to Suit any Environment

Coating Technology inc offers a range of anti-corrosion treatment systems to suit even the harshest of environments utilising Coilguard®, Finshield®, Ecoshield® and BodyGuard®. The choice of system depends on your environment and your operation.

Our suite of superior anti-corrosion treatment systems are ideal for all air conditioning condenser units, coils and associated components where performance and longevity are required.

Along with Coating Technology inc , we also provide a comprehensive of Liquid Paint Architectural, Industrial and Protective Coating Systems.

Our Pacesetter high performance liquid paint systems will give you peace of mind that the coating system selected will suit all metal substrates and perform in even the harshest of environments.

Powder Coating

Industrial Coating

On-Site Protective Coatings for Substrates

Complementing our factory production facilities, Coating Technology inc On-Site division provides high-end architectural coatings on new or existing surfaces where the items are too large or cannot be removed and brought to the factory for coating.

Our on-Site division offers refurbishment, rejuvenation and protective coating applications to various substrates across all industries including but not limited to

  • Building Facades

  • Domestic and Commercial Windows

  • Aluminium / Steel / Galvanised Substrates

  • Damaged and Deteriorated Components

  • Wrought Iron / Gates / Fencing

  • Balustrades / Handrails / Stairs

  • Structural Steel

  • Roller Doors / Machinery / Equipment

  • Concrete Fibre Cement (C.F.C) and Concrete Floors

Coating Technology inc On-Site crews comprise of highly trained spray technicians with years of experience that safely and competently apply the recommended / specified system to ensure the paint system will perform as required.

Anti-Corrosion Treatment for Air-Cooled Condensers

Classic and Durable Metal Timber Finish

Finishing types

The Coating Technology Colour Series includes a range of colours and finishes including matt, gloss, satin and textured, and are all Super Durable Class 2 powders. Other class powders are also available.